14 | The ExPo Show – Once More unto the Beach of Scarif

Released December 9, 2016. Luke and Tyler are back with an exciting announcement for Season 3 of the Exploding Podcast. We are excited to return to our dusty microphones and spew out an hour’s worth of rambling for your enjoyment. We talk the new Star Wars Rogue One DLC for Star Wars Battlefront including initial reactions, hits and misses. Visit explodingpodcast.com for additional content.

18 | The ExPo Show – Ito Special?

Released May 26, 2016. Guest: Kelsey. Visit explodingpodcast.com for additional content. Tyler and Kelsey team up for the continuation of ExPo 16!! We finish up discussion on the Blu-ray extras of TFA. Very interesting stuff!! TFA SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

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